**Please be aware that due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer the Manheim Buy Back Guarantee at any of our locations at this time**

Buy Back Guarantee FAQ

The Buy Back Guarantee is an exclusive product you can purchase that will allow you to return the vehicle for any reason for a full refund within 5 business days. It is designed to give you the comfort and confidence to buy from Manheim auctions.

At this stage, the Buy Back Guarantee is available on all vehicles (unless otherwise stated) sold in the Super Saturday Public Auction (Manheim Melbourne, Manheim Sydney and Manheim Brisbane) and on all vehicles sold in our weekly Passenger and Commercial vehicle auction in Adelaide and weekly clearance auction in Perth. We will consider further expansion of the Buy Back Guarantee product to other auctions in due course.

Upon Manheim approval of the vehicle return, we will initiate a refund of the Purchase Price and Buyer’s Administration Fee paid for the vehicle. Please note that we will not refund roadworthy, transportation, rectification, registration, stamp duty or any other costs associated with the vehicle.

You must purchase the Buy Back Guarantee from Manheim at the time of vehicle purchase. Simply inform our cashiers that you wish to purchase the product when finalising your transaction, and the fee will be added to your invoice.

You have 5 business days (from the date of sale) to return the vehicle back to the Manheim location you purchased it from for a full refund. A business day means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday in the Australian State where the auction of the vehicle takes place.

Yes - you can return the vehicle for any reason at all! Just ensure that you’re returning it within the time frame specified and in the same condition that it left the auction. You are permitted to add up to 300 kilometres to allow the vehicle to be driven off site and returned. See full terms and conditions see here

You will need to do the following:

  1. Establish that the vehicle qualifies for the Buy Back Guarantee (i.e. a Buy Back Guarantee was purchased for the vehicle at the time of purchase).
  2. Complete the Buy Back Return Form available for download here before coming back to Manheim
  3. Bring the vehicle back to the Manheim location you purchased the vehicle within 5 business days of the sale, before close of business.
  4. Bring the (completed) paperwork associated with the vehicle (including the original invoice and Buy Back Guarantee Return Form)
  5. Speak to our Cahiers or Receptionist and tell them you have a vehicle for Buy Back - they will have a representative come to see you as soon as possible

We can only accept the vehicle for Buy Back if it is being returned with CLEAR TITLE - meaning it can have no lien, charge or encumbrance against it. The 5 business day return policy will not be waived or extended in circumstances where (for example) you have liaised with a third party such as a financier and a security interest has been placed on the vehicle.

Yes - the 5 (business) day return policy covers you for 5 business days from (and including) the day of the auction. A business day means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday in the Australian State where the auction of the vehicle takes place. For example, if it is auctioned on a Saturday, you have until the close of business (5pm) on the following Friday to return the vehicle.

In the case where the vehicles registration has been transferred, and stamp duty paid (and possibly registration fees paid), Manheim will not reimburse you for such costs, if you decide to return the vehicle (and where Manheim approves the return). It is also your responsibility to understand the policies of the appropriate authority (including cancellation of registration transfer and/or refund of fees paid) and to engage with the appropriate authority to seek a refund for these costs, in the event that the vehicle is successfully returned. Manheim recommends that you do not transfer the registration until you are certain that you want to keep the vehicle.

If you lodge an application to transfer the registration of the vehicle at the appropriate authority but wish to cancel it as you return the vehicle to Manheim, the appropriate authority may refund the transfer fee, registration amount and stamp duty. Such a refund may be extended by the appropriate authority when ‘valid reasons’ apply which may include that the ‘sale fell through’. In order to obtain the refund from the appropriate authority, you may require a letter from Manheim stating that the ‘sale fell through’. A Manheim representative can write this letter and provide it to you.

If the appropriate authority refuses you a refund, the vehicle will remain registered in your name. You will then need to transfer the registration back to Manheim. In this instance your transfer fee and stamp duty will not be refunded by the appropriate authority or by Manheim.

  • Don’t forget to complete the Buy Back Guarantee Return Form (available for download here). Bring this completed form with you for faster processing.
  • Bring a copy of your bank statement so we can ensure funds are transferred to the correct bank account.
  • We require all paperwork that you were given at the auction including original invoice, Buy Back Guarantee Return Form, and any other service agreements (should there be any).
  • Bring the vehicle in the same condition as you bought it (no need to wash it however).
  • Bring all accessories that came with the car including service books, spare keys, spare tyre, tools, and all fitted accessories that came with the car. The vehicle must be in the exact specifications that you bought it to qualify for the refund (fair 5 day wear and tear excluded). See more here.

Before arriving at Manheim please fill out Buy Back Guarantee Return Form (available for download here). Please bring with you your bank details in order to transfer funds to your bank account.

When you bring your vehicle back to Manheim, we will confirm that it has been returned within 5 business days from the sale, and conduct a Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) check to ensure the vehicle has been returned with clear title. Once satisfied, we will conduct an inspection of the vehicle to confirm the condition and odometer criteria, and also review the Buy Back Guarantee Return Form.

Once all tasks are completed to our satisfaction, we will approve the return and provide you with a receipt for the pending refund amount. The money will be transferred directly into your bank account and clear within 3 business days.

You will receive your refund via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), sent to the bank account you nominate on the Buy Back Guarantee Return Form, within 3 business days from approval. Please note that the account name must match the name of the buyer returning the vehicle. It is advised to bring a copy of your bank statement to ensure these details are correct.

Provided you have supplied the correct banking details, you should expect the funds to be available in your bank account within 3 business days. If there is a public holiday this could be later. If for any reason there are any concerns about payment after this time, please contact your bank for cleared funds information, or the Manheim location to which you returned your vehicle to and ask for the Remarketing Department.

For any enquiries about the Manheim Buy Back Guarantee, please contact your local Manheim Remarketing department (Manheim Melbourne on 03 9922 6555; Manheim Brisbane on 07 3868 9999; Manheim Sydney on 02 8778 2700; Manheim Adelaide on 08 8200 9900 or Manheim Perth on 08 9267 8888).